West African Wedding Planning

The Traditional Wedding

Want to host a lively, colourful wedding that perfectly reflects your roots? 

As someone who shares the same heritage and understands the unique elements that bring a day like this together, I take the stress out of planning a traditional West African wedding ceremony. Whether it’s your larger-than-average guest list, sourcing native wear and jewellery for you to wear, finding suppliers who understand your cultural needs, accommodation for your guests traveling in from overseas, or locating a beautiful venue that can accommodate everyone.

Regardless of the amount of support and advice you need from me, I can help you plan and organise a wedding that’s infused with your West-African heritage — along with all the special events that lead up to your big day.

If you want help planning your Traditional West-African wedding or White wedding, here are some areas you may need support with:


Décor & Styling

I’ll curate chic, sophisticated and stylish elements to create just the right effect and atmosphere for your wedding.


Supplier LiAISON

From the emcee, to the caterer, to the entertainment, I can find the vendors you need — and YOU get to make the final decision on each. I’ll then make sure every supplier knows what’s happening for a seamless wedding day.


AdministratiVE SUPPORT

From contracts to contingency plans, there’s a lot of administrative paperwork involved in planning a wedding — not to mention too many tiny, tedious tasks to count. I take care of this side of things for you, so that you have more time to focus on what’s really important.


Set-Up Management

Sit back and relax on the day as you watch all your decisions come to life. If anything does go wrong, I’ll be on site as the first port of call, dealing with any issues quickly and leaving you to enjoy yourselves.