What To Expect From an Event Planning Consultation

Planning an event, whether that’s a wedding, birthday celebration or anniversary party, can quickly become overwhelming. By hiring an Event Planner, you can relax knowing each and every detail is taken care of, with impeccable attention to detail and flawless execution. The process of hiring an Event Planner can be equally daunting, but with an initial consultation with the team at Aleeka Events, we’ll be sure to put you at ease and run through the basics of your event.


As Luxury Wedding Planners in London, we transform your ideas and visions make them a reality. To ensure your event is unforgettable, we use an Event Planning Consultation to gain a clear understanding of what you’d like it to look like. We use the consultation as an opportunity to get to know you and what you love. We’ll discuss your priorities, expectations, timescales, budgets and the overall logistics. We’ll listen to you and ensure the planning process is perfection.


An Event Planning Consultation is also a chance for you to get to know us and find out a little bit more about if we are the right fit for you and your celebration. We’ll be working closely with you, so it’s important that you feel completely happy with Aleeka Events. Whether you want just a helping hand or someone to take over the event planning completely, we can create a plan to suit you.


We use the time to discuss your thoughts on themes, colours, food, blooms and more. It is always useful if you come to your consultation with a vague idea of what you would like from your event. Many clients prepare Pinterest boards, images or magazines to inspire and showcase the style they are looking for. However, if you have a blank canvas for your event, don’t fret! We are Style Led Event Planners so we can offer you the ideas and inspiration you need to pull off an amazing celebration.


It is always worth bringing key people along to the consultation that are involved in the event – however, don’t overcrowd the consultation. We recommend just 2 or 3 people, as otherwise there will be too many opinions and it will be difficult to finalise your vision. Too many voices can cause confusion with important element, such as guest lists or budgets.


Your Event Planning Consultation is also likely to include lots of samples. Whether that’s menu choices, materials for linens, types of flowers and more. It can make a huge difference seeing samples in person and it’ll help your event to come alive.


Following the consultation, we will put together a proposal that encompasses everything discussed in the consultation. Our aim is to ensure we are both clear on what you’d like for your event, no matter how intimate or extravagant it may be. We will detail our services, so you know exactly what to expect during the planning process.


If you want to find out more or if you are considering hiring a Modern & Stylish Event Planner, get in touch with Aleeka Events. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Aleeka Events provide 'Luxury Wedding Planning and Event Design/Styling' services. We are located in the UK, and specialise in creating modern, stylish, design-led and luxury event designs, for discerning clients with impeccable tastes. Each event is bespoke and personalised to you! Want to know more? Get in touch now for a complimentary consultation over here.


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