Wedding Contracts, T's&C's, Deposits + Insurance

Today we’re talking all about Wedding Contracts, T&Cs, Deposits, and Insurance. While they may not be the most exciting aspects of wedding planning, they are certainly some of the most important. So, if you’re feeling a little unsure about any of the four elements make sure you read through our essential guide to Wedding Contracts, T&Cs, Deposits & Insurance…


Wedding Contracts and T&Cs

First things first, let’s focus on wedding contracts and T&Cs. Your wedding venue and all of your suppliers should provide you with a contract and a list of terms and conditions. If they don’t make sure you ask! Even if it’s just an email, it’s vital that you have a written agreement that you can refer back to. It minimises any risk with regards to you and your wedding day and it’s an absolute must-have. Make sure you take the time to read through the contracts and T&Cs – this isn’t a task to rush through. Does it contain all of the relevant information about your venue, suppliers and the day itself? Does it list information about cancellation terms and policies? Have you read through the small print? Ensure you understand everything you’ve read before signing your name on the dotted line. If you have any queries, address them before signing!


Wedding Deposits

Deposits are just as important as contracts and T&Cs and they offer security for your wedding day. Without a deposit, there is simply no guarantee that your supplier will provide their services for your celebration. In fact, they could easily take another booking on the day of your wedding. From your venue to your photographer, your florist to your cake designer, you should pay each and every supplier a deposit no matter what. If they haven’t asked for one, insist on paying for one. It will offer you peace of mind and helps to reduce avoidable stress in the lead-up to your special day.


Wedding Insurance

There are two types of wedding insurance; Personal Insurance and Supplier Insurance. Both of which are incredibly important to have, and we will explain why. By investing in wedding insurance, you are essentially eliminating hundreds of ‘what if’ situations. Often overlooked and seen as an expensive, unnecessary expense (especially when costs can easily add up), many couples wish they’d organised it. It’s a small cost to pay but you will save huge amounts of money and stress if a ‘what if’ situation does arise – which they often do! It doesn’t matter how meticulously organised you are, some things are out of your control.

Personal Insurance covers many things including the cancellation of your wedding day, which may be due to illness or bereavement. In fact, it covers a whole host of scenarios, both big and small. You will also be offered the chance to insure your honeymoon, which is ideal if you’re concerned about cancelled flights or lost luggage.

Supplier Insurance is slightly different and can be an additional cover to Personal Insurance. It is absolutely vital that you ensure your suppliers (including venues, photographers etc.) have their own insurance. This means the services that they provide to you are covered, including any errors that are made or any accidents that may occur.

Ultimately, wedding insurance provides you with peace of mind in the lead up to your wedding day. We see it as an essential investment, so we suggest adding it to the top of your wedding to-do-list and working it into your budget. Again, make sure you know exactly what your insurance covers and be sure to read through the contracts.


We hope you’re feeling a little more clued up about Wedding Contracts, T&Cs, Deposits + Insurance! If you're in the planning stages and feeling a little overwhelmed with it all, why not get in touch with us and find out how we can ease that stress!


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