Top 3 Tips on Creating Your Wedding Guest List (Without the Stress and Anxiety!)

Putting together your wedding guest list can be one of the most tedious and difficult tasks of the wedding planning process but fear not. Read on for my top 3 tips on creating your guest list, minus the stress and worry!


Just a quick word of advice before I get into the nitty gritty…

One question I would always advise newlyweds to ask their selves at the start of the planning process is, “What matters more to us?...securing our dream venue or inviting everyone on our (initial) guest list?”. The answer to this question will determine whether you go for your dream venue, which may well have a guest capacity of 100, however forces you to make some cuts to your guest list. Alternatively, if you decide it’s just too difficult to make those dreaded cuts, you will then need to start the hunt for a venue that can take your required guest capacity.

Top 3 Tips on Creating Your Wedding Guest List (Without the Stress and Anxiety!) | Aleeka Events: Wedding and Event Planner & Stylist | UK and London | Photography - Kate Ignatowski Photography |


FACT - your choice of venue will always dictate how many guests you can invite to your special day. All venues have a maximum guest capacity, mainly for health and safety reasons, and you will find that there is no chance of going above this. So, if you’re considering a 300-person guest list, make sure you’ve checked your venue capacity before signing on the dotted line.



FACT – the more people you invite the more you will need to spend. From your invites, centerpieces, catering costs, these will all increase as you add more guests to your guest list.



FACT – establish a few rules before you start putting your list together and you’ll find the process a whole lot easier (as long as you stick to them of course!). You may decide that you’ll only invite a handful of your work colleagues each or none at all. Will you allow plus ones? You may decide to do so, but only for those who have been in a long-term relationship. Who makes the cut when it comes to friends and family? You may decide not to invite your cousin you haven’t seen or spoken to in 10 years.


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Image credit: Kate Ignatowski Photography