The Traditional Clothing of a Nigerian Yoruba Bride and Groom (Aso Oke)

I really do adore my West African heritage, especially when it comes to weddings. West African weddings are typically grand, colourful, and full of culture. Today, I introduce you to the special pieces of clothing a Nigerian bride and groom (from the Yoruba tribe) wear for their traditional wedding. Aso Oke (ah-shaw-okay) is the fabric typically used to tailor the outfits, which often match to complement each other.


The Bride…

Iro - a loose fitting skirt wrapped around the waist

Buba - a loose fitting blouse

Iborun - a piece of fabric worn over the shoulder like a scarf

Gele - The bride’s ‘crowning glory’. A piece of fabric wrapped and styled around the head. This can be as elaborate as the bride wishes!


The Traditional Clothing of a Nigerian Yoruba Bride and Groom (Aso Oke) | Aleeka Events: Wedding and Event Planner & Stylist | UK and London | Photography – Demi O Photography |


The Groom…

Buba - His is worn with another shirt-type piece of clothing which is long and sleeveless - this is called an Agbada.

Sokoto - Loose fitting trousers

Fila - Semi-fitted hat 



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Image credit & Source: Demi O Photography  & Aisle Perfect

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