The Perfect Accessory for your Wedding Dress by Elequiim

Looking for something chic and stylish that will serve as the ideal prop for your wedding dress photos? I was so excited when Fiona from Elequiim got in touch to tell me about her gorgeous Lucite hangers. Luxurious to the touch and the perfect accessory for any stylish bride and her bridesmaids. Find out more about this fabulous brand and the exclusive interview with the girl boss behind the business!


What was the inspiration behind the name Elequiim?

The inspiration behind the name Elequiim really came from two words that we liked the sound of, Eloquent and Seraphim. We didn’t place too much meaning behind these words at the time and a year after we picked the name, we realised that both words sort of remixed or merged together, perfectly defined our brand purpose and meaning. Eloquent of course means to clearly express ones self and Seraphim is the highest order of angels so the meaning of our brand is to clearly express the highest version of yourself; the fact that our first product is literally ‘clear’, was pure coincidence, if you believe in coincidences. We love how it all came together so serendipitously




Tell us more about your business and what inspired you to start Elequiim?

Elequiim really started because we loved the lovely feeling you get when you see something beautiful or pleasing to the eye. The best way we describe that feeling, is ‘glee’ and we love glee so much that we wanted to create products that make you feel it and therefore Elequiim was born.

Our mantra is that we don’t create products, we create glee! Our hangers we think create this feeling multiplied when you see them in real life; they look even more beautiful ‘in person’ so to speak.

Also, fashion, vintage and architecture are our great loves and where a lot of our inspiration comes from; you’ll see this on our Instagram page for sure!


Yes, I love the aesthtics of your Instagram feed! Could you tell us a little bit about how your Lucite hangers are made?

We wanted our first range to be the classic ‘Wishbone’ style but with a modern twist. We make them using a combination of template and hand moulding to get the quality finish we absolutely love. The gold hooks are a bespoke finish, as we wanted a slightly darker gold than traditional yellow gold. We actually used a vintage gold necklace as the reference colour and it came out just how we wanted it

They are incredibly smooth to the touch and feel so luxurious and pleasing to hold. We didn’t want them to be flimsy so they do have a little weight to them, which just gives them a bit more substance we think




What are the different options available and what is your most popular request?

At the moment the gold classic Wishbone style is what is available but of course we have so many more styles planned!

The most popular requests that we get are for Chrome hooks and for a version with trouser clamps. The good news is that both of these are in our product roadmap so you should expect to see these added to the range next year.

We are still very much a boutique business so don’t yet offer customisations but would love to in the future.


Who is the Elequiim bride? Can you tell us about her style, what she loves, and what her wedding looks like?

Our client and Elequiim bride is a woman who loves distinctive pieces that compliment and celebrate her personal style. Like us, she loves the feeling of unwrapping something that makes her light up inside.

She values quality and wants a wedding that feels serene and creates a sense of wonder and appreciation from her guests. She has warm energy and a giving spirit so she wants her guests to feel comfortable and inspired by what they experience at her wedding; it’s her and her partners day but it also matters that her guests are happy too

Lastly we’d say that she is someone that enjoys the beauty in things because she recognises that they reflect back and represent the beauty that already exists in her




What do you enjoy most about your business?

We’ve only just started Elequiim but the one thing we enjoy the most, is the feedback we get from clients. It never gets tiring to hear how much they love our hangers; it just warms our heart to know that clients love them as much as we do

We are also enjoying all of the wonderful ideas we have bubbling inside our heads, so many more beautiful things to be added to the range. It’s also important to know that we are a lifestyle brand and there will be more glee inspiring products beyond hangers to share with you as we grow and we simply can’t wait!


What's next for you?

We are still young so the main things is really growing our client base and getting more people to know that we are here if they need us


And finally, where can brides to be and fellow fashionistas find your beautiful pieces?

You can find us on our favourite platform Instagram @elequiim. You can also find our shop on Etsy at Thank you so much for having us; we appreciate you and what you do!


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