Part 1 of 3: The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

One thing I hear couples say time and time again is, “our reception venue comes with a venue coordinator…we don’t need a wedding planner”.  Now I love working with venue coordinators and there is no doubt that they have been a great source of support for weddings I have planned. This blog post is in no way downplaying any of the work they do, however, I do have to say that there is a big difference between the role of a wedding planner and that of a venue coordinator. Many couples tend to believe that they are both the same, so in this three-part blog series I will be touching on some of the key differences between the two, and today’s post is all about time.


When it comes to the amount of time invested I believe there is a huge difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator. If you’re a couple opting for full service planning (i.e. helping you plan your wedding from start to finish), someone like myself can spend anywhere from 250-500 hours of their time assisting you with your plans.


Firstly, there’s the time spent putting together your proposal and creating a detailed breakdown of how your wedding budget could be divided. Depending on how many suppliers you require, the sourcing and booking process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. This typically involves identifying which suppliers fit your wedding style, budget, and requirements, followed by countless emails, phone calls, and meetings.


When it comes to sourcing a venue, I will spend time preparing a detailed report of shortlisted venues, including essential information such as hire costs, corkage fees, guest capacity and much more. Then there is the time spent scheduling and coordinating venue viewings, attending the viewings with you or alternatively making sure your equipped with a list of essential questions to ask. Finally, there are on-site meetings to plan layouts, logistics, and carry out walk-throughs.


Now those are just some of the tasks involved with the planning process around finding your perfect venue and booking your dream-team of suppliers. Think about décor and styling, accompanying you on dress fittings, rehearsals, and of course the most tedious of all – admin! Let’s just say I’m a bit of a nerd and enjoy every bit of this. However, this is the one area that most couples tend to overlook and probably involves the most time investment of all. There is a huge amount of admin involved in planning a wedding. For my full service planning clients this includes reading through contracts and ensuring everything has been covered, responding to numerous supplier emails, tracking your budget and sending out regular payment reminders (so you’re always up to date), delivering checklists, creating driving directions/maps for guests and suppliers, developing contingency plans, organising your guest list and seating plan, and so much more. Last but not least, you have the day before the wedding, your wedding day itself, and the day after. All the preparations, last minute checks and run-throughs, coordinating set ups and set downs. As already stated, a planner is there from start to finish!


In contrast, a venue coordinator does not have as much time to invest. You can typically expect them to provide you with a walk through of the venue site during your initial meeting and answer any questions before you make a decision and sign any contracts. You may possibly have some general contact throughout the planning process such as in-house menu tastings, monitoring your payments to them etc., however most venue coordinators usually become more involved approx. 2 months ahead of your wedding day. Just like wedding planners, they will be present on the actual day, however for a limited period and will typically leave after your meal has been served.


If you have any questions about wedding planners and venue coordinators then please don’t hesitate to ask a question below or send me an email! I would love to hear from you.


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