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Having An Open Bar? What You Need To Know

Having An Open Bar? What You Need To Know

You’ve found the perfect venue to host your wedding, you’ve picked out your dress and you’re thinking about the flowers. But there’s one incredibly important aspect of wedding planning that shouldn’t be overlooked: the bar.

How To Host An Incredible Cocktail Hour

Hosting an incredible cocktail hour or party is the perfect opportunity to gather old and new friends, while enjoying an evening of socialising and soaking up the atmosphere. However, it’s often not as simple as you think to pull off a seamless and sophisticated soirée. As Luxury Event Planners, we are offering you the secrets to throwing a stylish cocktail party that is memorable for all of the right reasons.

We always suggest creating one or two signature cocktails for your guests to enjoy – if it’s an engagement celebration, perhaps choose one each and name them the ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ cocktail. By creating two signature cocktails, it means you can reduce stress as you won’t have to fret about creating lots of different drinks. We recommend choosing two cocktails that you can prepare in advance, and of course they need to look and taste delicious. Don’t forget, you will also need to create a signature mocktail for those guests who don’t drink alcohol or may be driving. Generally, over an hour guests will drink one to two cocktails, so make sure you are fully stocked up! It is also worth serving basic spirits, wine and beer to ensure each and every guest is happy with what is on offer.

Image credit: Erin & Tara

Image credit: Erin & Tara

When serving your cocktails, you will also need to provide your guests with a selection of mixers and garnishes, all of which can be prepared well in advance. Ensure you stock up with plenty of ice - for both using in your drinks and for keeping everything chilled.

You will also need to consider the glasses that you use for your cocktail hour – research the different glasses used for different drinks and make sure you have some spares ready in case any break. If you don’t fancy investing in a variety of glassware, why not rent it instead?

For a truly incredible cocktail hour, it is important that you offer some delicious canapés and nibbles. Alcohol and an empty stomach never bode well, and you want to ensure your guests aren’t feeling peckish. Serve food such as nuts, olives and wooden platters overflowing with mouth-watering cheese and meats. Make sure you have an option for guests who are vegetarian and vegan too. For a flawless cocktail hour, you want to cover all bases!

Image credit:  Stephanie Brazzle

Image credit: Stephanie Brazzle

Now it’s time to think about setting the scene for your sophisticated cocktail hour. Consider how you’d like to decorate the bar area and the space in general. Will you be having a theme for your cocktail hour? If so, you can decorate the venue so that it ties in perfectly with your chosen theme. You can also tailor your signature cocktails to reflect the theme. At Aleeka Events, we suggest using a lot of candles to create the perfect ambience. Do your research and find the perfect playlist, it needs to be fairly upbeat but chilled enough so that your guests can have a conversation over the music. On your invitations, you will also need to let your guests know the dress code.

If the thought of planning and hosting a cocktail hour makes you feel a little overwhelmed, get in touch with us and find out how we can be a part of your celebration! 


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