Stylish Fonts, Typography & Placements to Inspire Your Event Stationery

We’re all about creating modern, design-led celebrations that exude style, but where do we find inspiration for our work? Well, we’re heavily influenced by the fashion magazines we read on a daily basis, looking for ways we can encompass the beautiful layouts, fashionable fonts and stylish typography in our work with clients.

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It’s important you carefully consider the fonts, typography and the placement, taking into account how they can effortlessly create an epic event – whether that’s your wedding day or a private party. Used as an umbrella term, your stationery needs to flawlessly reflect your event aesthetic.  

So, what exactly is typography? It’s the printed matter of the text and how it is displayed. In fact, it’s considered an art by many, but it is also functional and used for a purpose. Fonts are part of typography, they are not the same thing. Typography is modern, minimalist and proves that sometimes, less really is more. It can be used in so many ways throughout your event, taking it from a blank canvas to a cool and luxurious space. You can use typography has a statement backdrop to add a special touch to a white wall space, or you could use smaller typography prints as your invitations, menu cards or order-of-the-day. By using a number of fonts, you can create striking save the dates or information cards that are completely bespoke to your event.

It’s all about the sizes, weights and fonts that create a typeface for your event. As Design-Led Wedding and Event Planners, we lean towards sans serif fonts such as Bodini and Didot. They’re sharp, clean and chic, the style is the perfect fit for almost any event.

 We’re huge fans of typography, fonts and stylish paper goods here at Aleeka Events, favouring the work of Sixfold Studio, Venamour and Goods Gang. Based in London, Sixfold Studio know a thing or two about typography and we can’t get enough of their designs. Sleek and modern, their work is the epitome of city chic. It’s got us hooked! A New York design studio with endless style, Venamour are another firm favourite of ours here at Aleeka Events. The team promise printed paper goods that exude modern elegance. Goods Gang is a paper shop based in Brooklyn, specialising in bespoke wedding stationery and prints. Obsessed with typography, you can look to this studio for edgy, cool and statement styles. 

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When it comes to designing an envy-inducing event, fonts, typography and places can have a huge impact. It’s easy to see why people are becoming so obsessed with typography - don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for even more inspiration

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Images: Goods Gang | Sixfold Studio | Venamour