Setting A Dress Code For Your Modern and Stylish Wedding

If like us you’re obsessed with aesthetics and care about the finer details, such as your wedding photos and how everything will come together, you’ll probably want to set a dress code for your wedding. After all, it’s the one of the biggest parties you’ll ever organise and host!


There are so many options to choose from, so the first thing would be to consider what type of event will you be having, and in what type of venue or location. An Italian wedding set in the rolling hillsides of Tuscany might call for casual chic attire, while a formal wedding in a classic city ballroom may call for black tie.


Whatever you decide on, making it clear and explicit to your guests is key to ensuring they don’t stick out like a sore thumb and are looking ever so stylish. The best ways to do this is to first make sure you yourselves understand what you’re asking of your guests. If you have no clue what black tie is, how are you going to communicate that to your guests?


Include the dress code in your wedding stationery suite. For example, why not have an information card where you give your guests all the important information they need to know about transport, gift registry, and of course your dress code. This should include a short description or even a link to a Pinterest board you’ve created to inspire and give them ideas.


Be creative with how you make your dress code known. ‘Please come in your finest black tie attire as we celebrate in the Pompadour Ballroom of Hotel Café Royal’, as opposed to ‘Dress code: Black Tie’, offers much more in terms of what you’re asking, but it also presents it in a fun and relaxed manner, encouraging your guests to adhere to the dress code.

And last but not least, get your bridal party, close family and friends to spread the word. Once your guests start talking they’ll get a better idea of what you want.

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