Part 3 of 3: The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

One thing I hear couples say time and time again is “Our reception venue comes with a venue coordinator, so we don’t really need a wedding planner”.  Now I love working with venue coordinators and there is no doubt that they have been a great source of support for weddings I have planned. This post is in no way downplaying any of the work they do, however, I do have to say there is a very big difference between the role of a wedding planner and that of a venue coordinator. Many couples tend to believe that they are both the same, so in the final part of this 3-part blog series I will be touching on another key difference between the two. If you missed the two previous posts you can catch them here and here.

 The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator |  | M and J Photography



With a wedding planner like myself, who offers services such as ‘full wedding planning and design’, I would assist you in planning your wedding from the very start and right through to the day you say “I do”. This means I won’t just focus on tasks related to your chosen venue, but will also assist with budgeting, recommending suppliers, reviewing and negotiating contracts, rehearsals, liaising with all suppliers, devising checklists to keep you on track, provide you with etiquette advice on invitations, and so much more. In addition, my services are completely bespoke to each couple, so I’m always ready to go above and beyond what my clients want and need. My complete planning service even includes a bonus bridal styling service!


On the other hand, a venue coordinator would most likely be working to a specific job description and therefore will be less likely to deviate from this. A venue coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the elements related to the venue e.g., in-house caterer etc. For this reason, you can’t expect them to review your supplier contracts and negotiate costs on your behalf, provide a wedding day emergency kit, compile and distribute invites, track RSVPs, or even track your budget and send out regular payment reminders so that you’re up to date, financially speaking.


Most couples typically book their venue a year, year and a half in advance of their wedding date. By the time your wedding date arrives you may possibly be working with a totally different venue coordinator. Unless something dreadful happens to your planner, we will be there from start to finish. And in the case something dreadful does happen i.e. ill health, someone like myself who belongs to several industry related groups could easily find another planner to step in if necessary.


What’s more, if anything went wrong on the day e.g. a stain on your gorgeous dress or a supplier letting you down at the very last minute, we’ve got our wedding day emergency kits and lists of trusted suppliers to call in and save the day. It’s very unlikely that you will receive this level of service from a venue coordinator, and even if they were to find you a supplier at the last minute, it is very likely this will be from their preferred supplier list. Some suppliers actually pay to get on these lists and/ or receive commission if they receive a booking as a direct result of referral from a venue.


A wedding planner will be by your side throughout the planning process and on your wedding day. Before hair and makeup begins we’re already on site overseeing all of the logistics and setting up. A venue coordinator may also be on site from the morning, however, most usually leave once your meal has been served. We will be on site until the very end, ensuring gifts have been loaded into the car and final payments to suppliers have been distributed.


In summary, a wedding planner’s priority is to ensure all your plans come together and you’re your wedding is exactly how you envisioned it. Whether you opted for ‘full wedding planning and design’ or 'on the day coordination' a planner is going to know the ins and outs of every single one of your plans. They will be with you every step of the way, including your actual wedding day, and work exclusively for you and your finance.

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