Part 2 of 3: The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

One thing I hear couples say time and time again is, “our reception venue comes with a venue coordinator…we don’t need a wedding planner”.  Now I love working with venue coordinators and there is no doubt that they have been a great source of support for weddings I have planned.

This series of blog posts are in no way downplaying any of the work they do, however, I do have to say that there are big differences between the role of a wedding planner and that of a venue coordinator. Many couples tend to believe that they are both the same, so in part two of this three-part blog series I will be touching on another key difference between the two, and today’s post is all about our fees.

The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator | Aleeka Events | Wedding and Event Planner & Stylist | UK and London | M and J Photography |

Taking into account the wider range of services provided and time invested by wedding planners, it is understandable that our fees will be higher than that of a venue coordinator (theirs is typically included in the venue hire fee). However, one thing I still hear too often from couples is, “We couldn’t possibly afford a wedding planner…they’re too expensive”. This is completely untrue and we are no longer seen as a luxury.

Here at Aleeka Events we believe wedding planners aren’t JUST for the rich and famous. We believe you can have the wedding of your dreams without it having to cost you the earth (good news for you — AND good news for your bank account!).

Together with our industry knowledge e.g. sourcing flowers in season, negotiations with suppliers that pass on savings directly to you, and great value for money services, it is likely you’ll end up covering part or your planner’s entire fee through these savings.

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