Modern & Stylish Floral Installations

You will know we’re huge fans of all things floral here at Aleeka Events and we adore the fact that blooms are getting bigger, bolder and more dramatic than ever before. There are so many creative and exciting ways to use flowers throughout your wedding day, from installations, to hanging displays and garlands. As fashion-forward wedding planners, we’re offering you some gorgeous inspiration…

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Larger than life floral design can instantly add a touch of luxe to your event, with florists creating real masterpieces and designing an unforgettable celebration. These divine displays can have so much impact at your wedding day, exuding romance, style and decadence.

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Make a spectacular entrance at your wedding venue by designing a floral installation that will take your guests’ breath away from the moment they arrive. Our work is very design-led and we encourage our couples to ensure their special day is stylish from the offset. Your ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, so you want to ensure that the space is styled to absolute perfection. There is rarely a more beautiful sight than an archway adorned with foliage and flowers, and it offers the backdrop for some rather magical confetti photographs. You can also ramp up the glamour factor with your aisle decorations. Subtle floral installations placed along the base of your chairs or pews will certainly capture the heart.

Image credit:  Erin & Tara Photography

Modern and stylish floral installations can also make the most of a blank space at your wedding venue. You can transform a plain white wall into a focal point with a fabulous floral backdrop. If your venue boasts a grand staircase or fireplace, embrace it by adorning it with a large floral garland. Alternatively, you could display a suspended floral installation above the bar area – what could be more wonderful than enjoying a glass of champagne surrounded by beautiful blooms?

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For your reception, your floral installations should be abundant with fragrance. The scent of fresh flowers will create a divine experience for you and your guests, promising nothing but luxury throughout your wedding day.

There are a number of things to consider with magnificent floral installations. Always double-check whether or not your venue allows for floral installations to be used. Take into account whether there is enough space, height and if the venue is actually strong enough to withhold the weight – they can often be incredibly heavy. You’ll also need to organise the logistics, as floral designs can take a long time to install. Ensure that your venue will let your florist start work early enough so that everything is ready well ahead of schedule.

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Modern floral installations promise a spectacular wedding day and they can easily become the main aspect of your wedding décor, no matter what your theme, colour palette or style may be. They can be bright, bold and bursting with colour, or simple and understated. The choice is yours, but don’t afraid to stand out from the crowd with your floral design. If you are looking for a modern and luxury wedding planner and stylist to help create a memorable day, get in touch with us now.

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