Luxe for less: Cheat your way to a Luxe Wedding Aesthetic with these Wedding Ideas

Aleeka Events is all about affordable and bespoke wedding and event planning for savvy couples with impeccable tastes. I believe wedding planners aren’t just for the rich and famous. You can have the wedding of your dreams and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. So today’s post gives you the low-down on how to cheat your way to a luxe wedding aesthetic with some great wedding ideas!


Choose your venue wisely

Start by choosing a lavish venue and you’ll spend less on décor! Although it may well cost you more to hire the venue, you’ll probably end up spending less on trying to create your ideal space. Furthermore, an impressive venue will surely have some impressive backdrops for your wedding day images.


Switch up the traditional layout

Forget the traditional round tables…I actually love the idea of mixing rectangular and circular tables as it adds that element of visual interest. What’s more, the cost of linens are likely to be less as rectangular tables generally seat more people than round tables.


The secret is in the lighting

Investing in some chic lighting can really transform your space! Uplighters can be used to create a focal point or add a wash of colour to any room. You may also want to consider hiring a gorgeous chandelier and allow this to serve as an amazing focal point.


Presentation is everything

For your cocktail hour, consider fancy serving trays for your drinks and canapés, personalise napkins imprinted with your wedding monogram, and a framed drinks menu for your signature cocktail. Small details such as garnishes and canapés presented in shot glasses can also create a luxe and chic effect.


When it comes to turning bland venues into elegant, chic, stylish spaces, Aleeka events have got you covered. Contact me for a complimentary consultation and lets create your perfect wedding space.


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