Grazing Tables: The Hottest Wedding Trend Is Here, and It's Full of Edible Goodness

It’s one of the hottest wedding trends to hit the scene when it comes to catering, and we just can’t get enough of it. That’s right, today we are talking all about grazing tables. As Modern Wedding Planners, here at Aleeka Events we are always keeping a lookout for the next craze to steal the spotlight in the industry. So, if you want something a little different for your wedding day, we suggest you keep reading…

Image via Cheetah is The New Black | Image Credit: Susan Yee

Image via Cheetah is The New Black | Image Credit: Susan Yee

Gone are the days where couples have to stick to a traditional three-course wedding breakfast. Instead, brides and grooms are turning the tables and opting for something a little more relaxed and informal, yet still very luxurious. A grazing table is essentially a more elaborate and extravagant version of a charcuterie board and we must admit, we are won over.


This crowd-pleasing catering option certainly is a feast for you and your guests, and it’s the perfect way to encourage everyone to mingle and chat. A fabulous talking point, your friends and family can delve in and share the mouth-watering delights that are on offer.


If you love the thought of a grazing table but you still want the option of a three-course meal (or perhaps your venue is restricted), why not swap canapés for a grazing table during cocktail hour? On the other hand, it’s a scrumptious option for late night snacking.

Grazing table design by Tiffany Keal Creative Studio

Grazing table design by Tiffany Keal Creative Studio

Pile your tables high with an assortment of antipasti, charcuterie and dips. You want your guests to walk in and for their taste buds to be tantalised – don’t forget, they will be starving! You will need your caterers to provide a truly delectable selection of the finest foods and local produce, including:


·      Cold meats, fish and pâté

·      Freshly baked bread, sourdough and crackers

·      Artisan cheese

·      Dips, including chutney, hummus, falafel and pesto

·      Leafy salads and pasta options

·      Dried and fresh fruit

·      Figs, olives, nuts and seeds

·      Scotch eggs, sun-dried tomatoes and pork pies

·      Herbs

·      Balsamic vinegar and olive oil to garnish

·      Complementing wine


Essentially, you want your grazing table to be abundant with the highest quality foods. With a heavenly mixture of flavours and textures, the variety will please even the pickiest of eaters. Laden your tables with beautiful, fresh food and your guests will love you for it.


As Style-Led Wedding Planners in London, we undoubtedly believe that careful consideration of the design and styling of your grazing table is essential. You can use rustic boards, marble slabs, glass plates or porcelain china to serve the food. Adorn the tables with plenty of foliage and greenery and some stylish Perspex or marble signs to direct your guests to help themselves.

Image via The Fromage Table

Image via The Fromage Table

Grazing tables offer a relaxed vibe that still maintains that envy-inducing luxurious feel. It works during any season and there are no rules or regulations, giving you the freedom to create the feast of your dreams.

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