Top 8 Hidden Wedding Costs You Need to Know

No matter how much you plan there will always be at least one wedding cost you’ll forget to factor into your budget. It’s always a good idea to have a contingency, however, I’ve listed top 8 hidden wedding costs to give you a heads up into what to expect!


The Dress

So, you’ve set your budget for your wedding dress, however, most brides will need to make some sought of alteration to their dream dress if buying from a bridal boutique. If you don’t want to end up forking any more than you’ve budgeted for make sure you ask the boutique what their fee is for alterations so you can factor this into the cost.



I bet when you’re ordering those amazing invites you won’t even think about postage and packaging costs! Remember there's the cost of getting them shipped to you and then the other cost of posting them out to your wedding guests. Most couples don't take this into consideration, so make sure you do…along with the cost of stamps! This doesn't mean you have to opt for the most basic invitations though. You can still make a statement just like the invite below.



Wedding ceremonies in both registry offices and churches come with their own costs. For example, the fee for getting married in a church usually includes the vicar, church, calling of your banns, marriage certificate, lighting and admin.


Corkage fees

Sourcing your own alcohol can be a huge money-saver, but bear in mind that many venues will charge a considerable charge for bringing this to their venue and having to serve it. Always check what their corkage fee is before going out and buying caseloads of champagne. Your bottles may have cost you £10 each, however, if the venue is charging £15 per bottle in corkage, you may actually save more money buying alcohol from the venues menu.



Whether you're having a band, DJ, or both make sure you run through the layout of your venue, or better still have them pay a visit. If any additional equipment is required at an additional cost, then at least they can let you know there and then. This is particularly important when you’ve hired a large venue, as extra equipment may actually be required to make sure the sound is right!


Supplier Meals

It's up to you whether you provide your suppliers with a meal at your wedding. I say you should – especially if they are going to be working long hours. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to provide them with a 3 course sit down meal, however, asking your caterer to prepare a filling and inexpensive option will keep them fueled for the duration of the day.



Your suppliers e.g., wedding photographer, videographer, band, DJ, can charge you additional fees if they are required to work longer than expected. Firstly, you need to be realistic about the timeline of your wedding day. And secondly, always check what their overtime costs are before signing on the dotted line.



If you're only hiring a venue and not taking on their additional services such as catering etc., beware that you may have to pay cleaning and breakdown costs. Find out how much this may cost in advance!

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What hidden wedding costs have you come across so far? Would love for you to share...


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