Aleeka Events - Behind the name!

Today, I’d like to share with you how and why I chose the name ‘Aleeka Events’. As you may know, Coordinated For You has been the name of my wedding blog for a few years now, however, I felt that as I was starting a new venture and launching a brand new business I needed to have something fresh and with meaning. For me, Aleeka Events was short and sweet, but most importantly resonated with my potential clients!

The name

Aleeka [noun. a-lee-ka, al-e-eka]

:  most beautiful.

E.g. most beautiful weddings and events.

West African origin.


My clients want a wedding or event that is the most beautiful to them, and as some of my clients are from West Africa I thought the name Aleeka, which is of West African Origin would be perfect.


The strapline

My belief is that luxury isn’t about having thousands of pounds in the bank - luxury is about having a bespoke service, it’s about experiencing a great client and brand experience, and last but not least luxury is about creating an aesthetically gorgeous event without requiring the budget of a celebrity. This is why Aleeka is all about ‘affordable and bespoke wedding & event planning for savvy couples with impeccable tastes’. I also love when a couple infuse their cultural heritage and roots into their event. As someone with West African heritage it was only natural for me to offer West African planning services. So, put these two concepts together and you get my strapline - ‘Redefining Luxury and Culture for those with Impeccable Tastes’!!

I have to say a great big thank you to Nikki Groom – an original #girlboss and amazing “copywriter for female entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, and who want to amplify their voice so that they can make a real difference in the lives of others”. Nikki was able to refine my ideas and create amazing copy for my website, promotional material, and of course my strapline. She captured everything I wanted to say in such a succinct way that still sounded like me. I was spoilt for choice with the strapline suggestions and found it hard to choose just one!

Aleeka Events - Behind the name | Aleeka Events | Wedding and Event Planner & Stylist | UK and London |

Aleeka Events provide Wedding Planning and Event Styling services, and are located in the UK. We specialise in creating a chic, stylish and luxe aesthetic for savvy couples with impeccable tastes. We also specialise in West African wedding planning services for those who wish to infuse their culture and traditions into their wedding day. Each event is bespoke and personalised to you! Want to know more? Get in touch now for a complimentary consultation over here.

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